Our Craft


The Poke A Bowl® is designed with the thinnest and sturdiest cleaning spike on the market so it easily pierces through the hole of bowls, etc. ensuring you a better, cleaner bowl every time without glass breakage! The silicone that the spike is embedded into not only provides heat resistant protection up to 450 degrees, but also makes for a nonstick surface, allowing ash & resin to easily pour out into the trash for effortless clean up.


The Poke A Bowl® is designed to be light weight making it an excellent travel companion – simply dump the ash & resin from your Poke A Bowl®, close the lid and VOILA! Now you can take it with you wherever you go.


The cleaning spike material was chosen for its durability and size. Cleaning it with lemon oil will ensure it lasts for a long time. The Poke A Bowl® utilizes premium heat resistant silicone (designed to withstand heat up to 450°F) embedded around the cleaning spike. The Poke A Bowl® Home Dome™ outer shell is made of durable polypropylene to ensure years of use.


One of the board of directors is a veterinarian. That’s why we designed the Poke A Bowl® ashtray with pets in mind! It’s the only pet-friendly, ash & resin removing ashtray with a lid.