Creagen Dow sits at a wooden table, resting his head on his hand with a thoughtful expression. He is wearing a striped, knit sweater with a geometric pattern. The background is a textured, dark gray, adding depth to the black and white photograph. The overall mood is contemplative and introspective.


Poke A Bowl® stands out as a brand where high-quality meets practical design. Inspired by Actor/Founder Creagen Dow’s appreciation for modern aesthetics, the brand has developed a distinctive range of eye-catching ashtrays and intriguing cannabis-related accessories. Since its beginning, Poke A Bowl® has been committed to using superior materials to craft unique products that exude vibrant charm and bold character, always aiming to surprise and delight.

At Poke A Bowl®, we are passionate about enhancing the enjoyment of our favorite plant. We believe that functional products should also be aesthetically pleasing. Our designs make your experience more enjoyable and serve as striking decor pieces. Whether at home or on the go, we craft our products to impress both in functionality and aesthetics.